waking up to two cats purring & cuddling is the best feeling ever :3

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"Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second."
— Lewis Carroll (via serenesxul)

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Me, Jasmine, Michael, Chie reading a question on yahoo answers...
  • Question: Im 15 years old and im getting a erection all of a suden , I only masterbate 1 time a day ,not all days of the week. Is this a medical problem?should i not masterbate?whats going on?
  • Me: Is that normal?
  • Michael: No just once is not normal.
  • Me: ... I meant getting an erection randomly throughout the day.
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Dem Guts Swimsuit


Dem Guts Swimsuit



Let it Go vaccination parody - Get your Vaccs

I was never meant to sing this song omg I’m so sorry for my voice, especially at the end

I scroll down my dashboard tonight
So many puppies to be seen
Then I spy a litter of kittens,
I wanna take them home with me

But I see a post from some anti-vaxxers
Just what is this stupid shit I see

They say that these, vaccinations
cause long and short term complications
They claim these vaccs will hurt the kids
What the fuck is this?

Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
Get your fucking vaccinations!
Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
They’re designed to keep you alive

I don’t care
What those hack studies say
Get your vaccinations
Unless you wanna kill some people anyway

It’s funny how some people
Won’t believe in EBM [evidence-based medicine]
They’d rather trust some post they saw
Last night on facebook.

I guess it’s time to say goodbye
To herd immunity; well fuck
Measles, and mumps, rubella and more!
They’re FREE

Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
Made by professionals
Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
If you aren’t immune compromised

I don’t care
What your so-called “friend” says
Get your vaccinations

Have you noticed every anti-vaxxer will use
the same argument without a credible peer-reviewed source?
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
Why wouldn’t you prevent
Preventable disease?

Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
Get your fucking vaccinations
Get your vaccs; Get your vaccs
If you aren’t immune compromised

I don’t care
What anti-vaxxers say
Get your fucking vaccs
Unless you wanna start an epidemic anyway


before and after



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